I learned photography when my darlings started playing sports many moons ago and I have not put the camera down since.

Using both digital and analog mediums while seeking elements of light and texture, my style is a blend of fine art and storytelling. Over the years, I developed a niche in vintage action sports and portraits which seem very different, yet they are very much the same. Grabbing that shot of a player who shoots the winning goal or the goalkeeper who makes the winning save is as personal as photographing a face. I strive for my photographs to convey emotion and I mindfully approach each composition with creativity and respect.

The only thing that changes is the camera keeps getting better and the lens keeps getting bigger - and my niche continues to grow.

I can be reserved for portraits, action sports and small special occasions.

I can create flush mounted, high-end coffee table books with elegant hand-stitched bindings using your favorite images.